We Want to Send You to 2018’s Bacchus Rendezvous

Dust off that tux and that gown, practice your foxtrot and your two-step – it’s Mardi Gras ball season and you’re going.

We Want to Send You to the 2018 Bacchus Rendezvous

Win two tickets to Bacchus Ball

Bacchus Rendezvous is one of – if not, the – biggest parties of the year featuring crazy-good bands and DJs and an atmosphere of revelry. It’s an amazing night and we want to send you there to find out for yourself how outrageously fun this invite-only party is. Bacchus Sunday is February 11th and the parade runs right down St. Charles.

But let’s back up a second: Here at the bakery, we’ve got a burning question on our minds.

What’s up with the King Cake Baby’s face?

Or, more specifically, it not really having one.

Yes, these are the kinds of things you think about when you’ve been baking king cakes for 12 of the last 17 hours.

We really want to know what face should be on the king cake baby. And we need your help.

Haydel's King Cake Baby Cutouts

We have a cut out at each pop up location during Mardi Gras!

So we’re offering the 2 Bacchus Rendezvous tickets as incentive to help us figure this out. Here’s what you have to do to be entered to win:

  1. Stop by one of our locations – the bakery on Jefferson Hwy, the Metairie popup at 2431 Metairie Road, or our Uptown popup at 4001 Magazine Street. Click here for hours, or check out the interactive map below.
  2. Snap a pic in our King Cake Baby cutout
  3. Upload it to Facebook & tag us @haydelbakery.

That’s it. You’re entered to win at that point. We’ll pick a winner randomly from a hat.

Rules and other important information

So come stick your grinning mug in this thing and win tickets to an epic party.

And if you need some of that Mardi Gras flavor in your life, we got you.
Mardi Gras with Haydel's

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